Woodthorpe Huffers and Puffers

The Friendly Running Club


Frequently Asked Questions

Please read the Frequently Asked Questions section to see if it answers your query before completing the contact form.

If you are unsure about joining we encourage people to come down to Thackerays Lane Recreation Park to meet the Huffers to chat and to run with us so that you can see if we are the running group for you.

The best evening to come is Wednesday at 6.15pm as the whole club runs together so there is a real cross section of running ability; alternatively come along on a Monday at 6.30pm.

We are easy to spot we are the ones in the neon running jackets!

You do not need to email to ask permission to come down to meet us just come along and make yourself known to people as the new person and we find someone to run with you. You do need to be able to run two miles without stopping; happily your pace does not matter as it will develop with time.

We aim to make everyone feel welcome and included. We are about encouraging people to join us running and to support people to realise their potential. Running is great fun whatever your age and your ability!